Tips & Tricks of the trade

We don't give away any tips or secrets that pertain to Competition BBQ, however, we don't just cook competitions. So here are some all around tips that we've picked up over the years.


Buy a good instant read thermometer

Two main keys to successfully cooking anything are time and temperature.

Assuming you have a decent smoker, grill or combination unit...the next thing to invest in is a good instant-read thermometer. We suggest a Thermapen. They're durable and the fastest you can buy.

American Waygu Beef

Buy Good Meat

There's a noticable difference in Select and Choice...and an even bigger difference in Choice and Waygu.

We can't always purchase the best money can buy, but we should avoid select beef at all costs. If you are tempted to buy select beef for your grill or smoker, do yourself a favor and buy some chicken. Choice is the lowest we allow ourselves. It's just not worth cooking select beef. Here's some other great grilling tips:

- Bring your steaks to at least 55 degrees before grilling them. Here's why
- Grill steaks at the highest temp you can get your grill to safely operate. Searing the outside is the way great steakhouses cook their steaks. Once seared, offset the steak from the heat and bring to proper temperature.
- Compound butter is a great way to add flavor at the end. Here's a good recipe.)


Thanks for being awesome and taking care of the food for the Chamber of Commerce dinner.

Ryan O.