Big Woodie Begins

In 2007, Jim Tyson and Jeff White decided to compete in BBQ contests. They begin competing under the name PeTA Crew BBQ until someone stole the name so, they changed to Meat Mafia. Alas, someone stole that too. They then change to Big Woodie BBQ as a reference to the old "woodie" cars of the 1940's and 50's. read more>>

The Joplin Tornado

May 23, 2011. In the early hours of the morning, Big Woodie BBQ plans to go to Joplin, MO to cook for the survivors and first responders. They manage to get into the center of town despite the near total destruction. Meals and coordination through cell phones, radio stations and Sertoma groups begin immediatley. The effort is named "Operation BBQ". read more>>

Competing with a "Big Woodie"

Big Woodie isn't just our team name, its the name of our massive double chamber gravity fed smoker. Built in 2011 by team member Jim "Jimbo" Tyson and Brent Russell, it's capable of cooking over 500 lbs of meat at one time. In fact it is so big, they had to install a small off-set smoker on the tongue of the trailer as a counter-weight for balance. What a problem to have, right?

Big Woodie Expands

Jim and Jeff were pretty happy cooking two or three contests a year for about four years until the BBQ Fever spiked, and they needed a new member to help offset the load of a heavier schedule. Enter Willie "The Rib" Wilson. Willie efforts began to help the team achieve higher scores and actually begin to win money. Thanks Willie, but you're still like the drummer in Alabama. :-)

Big Woodie BBQ Caters Ya'll


Christmas bacon. They make the best Christmas bacon. I don't think they call it that, but that's when I order it.

Frank B of Carrollton, OH