They Call Me Tater Salad

They were offering $1,000 for the best potato salad. Jeff "Tater" White answered the call. Well, sort of. He got second place and a $400 check, but it lit a fuse in Big Woodie BBQ. They'd be back the following more>>

I'd bang that

In the fall of 2014, during a BBQ competition, Jim struck up a conversation with Brad from Gettin Basted. Now this conversation was fueled by a little adult beverage and lack of sleep...but it resulted in a major turn of events. We purchased Gateway BBQ Drums and began a new era in the Big Woodie saga. We became Drummer more>>

Things get better

Big Woodie BBQ team members know how to cook. Period. The World Food Championships proved that. Still, being at the top of a KCBS competition wasn't something they'd ever experienced. But something changed in 2015. Finally things started going well. People started noticing and started coming over to the Wood-Shed to see what was going on. read more>>

Dolla Make You Holla

Since November of 2014 (less than one year) Big Woodie BBQ has earned over $14,000. That's about $13,545 more than they had earned in the previous 6-years combined. If you're reading this and haven't ordered a Gateway BBQ Drum...Do it now. But you better know how to cook first...just sayin'

Big Woodie BBQ Caters Ya'll

More Coming Soon

Big Woodie BBQ catered our sons wedding and we couldn't have been happier. They were true professionals and made a very hectic day less stressful.

C. Calloway, Mother of the Groom