There we were...sitting in our room at the Golden Nugget. We'd arrived the day before, checked in to the event and shopped for our food. This was was the first morning of the event and to be totally honest, we were a little hung over...

We had about a 1/2 mile walk to the cooking area from our hotel room and had to carry all our our utensils, food and beer into the event, so we'd purchased a rolling cooler and suitcase with wheels. We loaded up and headed into the glorious Las Vegas sunshine.

We knew we were going to win...really. No offense toward the others, we just knew ours was better.


Confidence overcame us...

Sounds arrogant, but it's true. We'd cooked competitively for over 6-years, so we had an advantage. We were used to the pressure and working against the clock.

  • "Yea, we use a microwave...and we will kick your ass with a microwave, while we drink our beer and take you out of your game". -- Big Woodie BBQ
  • It was a technique we employed to distract the other teams and give us an advantage. They all looked serious and terse. And we were like, hey, wanna beer?
  • At the end of the day, we were pretty sure we'd done what we flew out to do. We dominated the competition on the largest food stage in the World. The World Food Championship.

Webster County Food Bank

God has a was of bringing it all together for good.

We went to Vegas to win a food contest and ended up being humbled by the generosity of a company that, unlike many, hasn't sold out to coporate greed. Resers Fine Foods is a great American Company. They not only paid our prize money of $5,000, they went an extra step to feed those less fortunate in our hometown. Over 18,000 units of Resers Potato Salad and Macaroni Salad were driven to Marshfield, MO by their top driver just before the Holidays. Read The Whole Story>>


This year’s grand prize winner is Big Woodie BBQ from Missouri whose “It’s a Big Dill” potato salad proved to be a big deal with judges. "I was impressed with the creativity of all of the contestants. In the end, the winning recipe was a more traditional style of potato salad. It's a Big Dill had a flavor profile and crave-ability that made the judges’ choice easy,”

Chef Jeff Q., Reser’s Fine Food